Friday, 14 October 2011


It took surviving the awful, soul-crushing month that was September, but my novel Muse is finally done. As in, it is worming its way through the various tubes and tunnels of the internet and should hopefully be live on either tonight or tomorrow. People beyond my select circle of workshop friends and advance readers will finally have total access to it.

This is simultaneously scary and thrilling. Realistically, I know it's not likely that any more than a handful of people will touch it until I made a concentrated effort to market the thing, but still, the idea of it being out of my hands is a little surreal.

I hit the 'publish' button in a spot that has some major significance to the whole process. I was back in the Y-room I worked in from 2009-June of this past year, the same room and hilariously undersized chair where I wrote the vast majority of the story on my breaks. Yesterday was a fantastic day in general: I was at the school on a subbing job, and the kids made me feel like I was Michael Jordan returning to the Bulls in 1995. I don't think I've ever felt more popular in my life, and it was kind of heart-warming to see that the old gang missed me as much as I missed them. I worked furiously over my break to finish the final edits to the product description, front matter, and about the author section. Just as I had so often polished off a chapter and clicked 'save' under the wire, I hit 'publish' right as the lunch bell sounded for the horde to come down to us.  The nostalgia was wonderful.

So yes, yesterday was fantastic. Thankfully I'm working today, as I have a feeling I'd spend the entire time clicking refresh on my Amazon dashboard to see if my book is live yet.

I'll probably do another post shortly--I'm trying to get back into the blogging now that I'm finished with coordinating things like editing and formatting. For now though, I'll leave you with a sneak peek at the cool cover page hat my sister designed for me!


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  1. Dear Mr.Slade,
    I just finished "Muse" and loved it! Please write more.
    I shared the link for your book on my facebook page and I will also be blogging about it. "Adventures of a Naked Cat". Thank you for writing such a good book.
    Nofuratu Thenakedcat

    p.s In case you met other hairless cats at Hal-Con, I was the one in the Dracula outfit.