Monday, 22 August 2011

A long-delayed update for my non-existent audience

I feel like I should update this.

The summer has been a success. I have a book done. Mostly. Edits really ate into the time I had planned to use for book two, but I'd rather have a single well-edited book available than two crappy ones!

Feedback so far has been excellent. Excellent in the sense that it has been extremely positive, but filled with the sort of nitpicky suggestions that indicate the reader actually paid attention.  I'm looking at having the book online by the start of September. Aside from a few last read-throughs, the only missing piece is my cover, which I found out yesterday should be in my inbox by August 30th.

I have a piece of incredibly awesome news that I'll save for a bit. Safe to say, it gave me a nerd-gasm.

More details about the book to follow. Lot's more posts in general, hopefully. Now that the pressure to get that first book done is off, I should have more time to start building that online presence those marketing kids seem to think is so important these days. (Step one: create a Twitter account. Step two: Figure out the point of Twitter.)

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